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OUR MISSION: To empower and incentivize aspiring, emerging and seasoned real estate professionals to master their craft, acquire value added lease negotiating skills, and ultimately, reach their full business potential. WHO’S IT FOR? Aspiring, emerging and seasoned real estate professionals – including tenants, landlords, brokers, accountants, attorneys, property management types, architects, contractors and others affected by a commercial lease in some manner. WHAT IS IT? In an accelerated manner, Leasing REality is a daily training and negotiating tool that allows its users to choose how, when and in what educational format it prefers to acquire and/or enhance its commercial leasing knowledge. HOW DOES IT WORK? By presenting a significant portion of its content using rock n’ roll, hip-hop, punk, new wave, historical and pop culture learning mnemonics to make the user experience more memorable and informative, Leasing REality shares a lifetime of real estate experience, negotiating strategies and insider tips on commercial leasing. Using the search function to search by keyword or topic, the user can quickly and often in an entertaining manner master their leasing domain by way of audio and e-book chapters, short and full length videos, cheat sheets, slides, outlines, sample provisions, glossary and podcasts. In addition, the user can navigate through the various stages and lessons of Leasing REality’s structured 32-Hour and 48-Hour commercial lease negotiation certificate programs to exponentially accelerate and enhance their CRE learning curve. WHO CREATED IT? Larry Haber, Esq., CPA, managing partner of the commercial real estate practice of bi-coastal law firm Abrams Garfinkel Margolis Bergson, LLP. In addition to being a “reformed yet recovered developer” with over 20 years of experience in the ownership, management, development and repositioning of commercial real estate properties, since 1987, Larry’s legal practice focuses primarily on the representation of tenants, owners, brokers, sellers, purchasers and lenders. CORE VALUES: Making a difference for family, friends, clients and those not as fortunate. Bringing an optimistic, relentless, respectful and passionate outlook to both work and play. Tolerance, awareness and acceptance. Peace, love and understanding. Read the Preface and Enjoy the Ride introductions to the E-book and learn how Leasing REality came to fruition. Visit our website to learn more.


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July 2019 - August 2019 New York City, NY
“Really hands on experience. Had the opportunity to record a podcast to speak about my experiences and give advice to other students. Wrote a blog about a topic pertaining to real estate. ”
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