Kenowa Hills Public Schools

About Kenowa Hills Public Schools

Kenowa Hills is not just a school system; it is a community. We create a spirit of belonging for all of our Knights, a place where everyone is valued. From 12 months at our Early Childhood Center day care, to year 13 through our Middle College program, there are a variety of paths where all students can succeed and reach their full potential.

Our Vision
Kenowa Hills will be the most innovative, student-centered district in the State.

Our Mission
Cultivate and graduate globally competitive citizens.

We have made a commitment to our students: a promise that we will honor them as individuals, trust them to make good choices, and allow them to take control of their education. By stressing a Personal Mastery curriculum, and staying focused on our Profile of a Graduate, we allow students to learn in the best way based on their individual potential, interests, and needs. We meet students where they are and guide them as they progress on their educational journey. By focusing on individualized attention and student choice and voice, our students are able to be the very best they can be, and stay fully engaged and committed to their learning. This redesigned educational experience we call Personal Mastery, has garnered both statewide and national recognition.

Kenowa Hills Public Schools has reinvented education, offering students the most personalized experience available. Our educational model of Personal Mastery allows students to learn and grow in a way that is specifically designed for their strengths, interests, and areas of needed development. Students are encouraged and guided as they develop real-life skills like leadership, collaboration, and problem-solving.

The Kenowa Hills Personal Mastery model of instruction is leading the state of Michigan and has redesigned education to engage individual students to master, retain, and apply needed curriculum for a successful future.

Knighthood awaits.


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