Junto Health

About Junto Health

Junto Health is the first healthcare technology consortium and advisory firm in New York City. Our aim is to help large healthcare stakeholders navigate the challenges and opportunities that they are facing in the Era of Digital Medicine.

We advise management teams on their innovation strategy & market trends, facilitate collaborations between large organizations, convene senior leaders for confidential Summits, and advise organizations individually on how they can excel at digital health innovation.

Our Members represent a diverse network of providers, tech companies, pharma, payors, investors, policy advisors, and startups which allows for unfettered collaboration and partnership development. Members use Junto Health to find sincere partners quickly, share knowledge with peers outside their organization, and cut through the noise of emerging technologies. The Junto model of collaboration allows Members to leverage the resources of complementary organizations, reducing their costs and pooling risk as they pursue shared goals.

By bringing the right people, process, and “parts” into the same place, we seek to give leaders the resources they need to guide their organizations confidently into the future and deploy meaningful technology to advance human well-being. By vetting our network and maintaining exclusivity we further ensure that only the most sincere and foward-thinking individuals are seated around the table which is one of the reasons our Members trust us.


Business Development Consultant

February 2019 - August 2019 New York City, NY
“Learned a lot with a very good team”
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