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How can I turn my internship into a full-time offer at JP Morgan & Chase?

I would say that JP trains its interns really well mainly because they want a retention rate of ~90% (varies depending on location). If you go above and beyond and show that you have learned, you should be in great shape (just do well on your evaluations). Also small things like dressing appropri...
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Any tips on what I should know before an interview at JPMorgan Chase?

In an interview, the most important qualities are the following: Consistent eye contact. This might seem simple, but it is heavily overlooked. Being upbeat and have confidence. Do not come across too confident, but be upbeat about your answers to show passion. Highlight why you would be a good fi...
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What is the company culture like at JP Morgan?

I was never forced to be unscrupulous when asked to sell certain things. My manager was always ready to help me when I needed her, and in turn, I was able to be there for my clients. Valuing the customer and understanding them always came first in my branch, and I never felt as though I was "ripp...
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How much support does one recieve from upper management at J.P. Morgan?

Upper management is extremely helpful and provide tons of support and training to ensure you feel comfortable and confident with your knowledge and skills in the position. They are happy to answer any questions you have offer lots of valuable experience that can be very useful in future careers.
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If I want to be a Technology Analyst Intern at JPMorgan, what languages do I need to know?

Make sure to know Java and the Spring Framework really well as these are the two most commonly used languages.
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Does JP Morgan actually uphold their company values?

The company culture varies depending on your location, your shift, your managers, and so on. Personally, I would say that they don't have great protections in place for workplace harassment, surprisingly lax security protocols, and a commitment to profit. Most workers at this level will start out...
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How can you succeed at JP Morgan & Chase?

Initiative, solid work ethic, excellent communication skills & being a team player would be a solid base. Next would be having the ability to connect with people at networking events so you can move towards leadership roles/jobs that you might want.
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What is being a Bank Teller at JP Morgan like?

Working as a teller, you perform transactions for the chase members, transactions such as deposits, withdrawals, money orders, cashier's checks and you also order foreign currency and exchange as well. There are many other tasks such as opening safe deposit boxed etc. There are other duties that ...
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What does a Personal Banker at JPMC do?

I know that the role of banker at JP Morgan/Chase has changed since I worked there but I would say the most important skills to possess would be attention to detail, the ability to assess account information and needs of clients and in general being part of the support team (they have an excellen...
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How would the career progression look like for me as a Teller at JPMorgan Chase & Co.?

As a teller - your chances aren't very good. Corporate mobility program forces you to go through the entire CCB path (AB - RB - PCB - FA - etc), and previous North LA manager Maria Garcia (who is now CA division) mandated at least a year in each role before advancing further. So in essence, you'r...
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What kind of ownership over my work should I expect at JP Morgan & Chase?

The ownership of your work really depends on the team, project, and assignments. If you’re on a project with a team of interns, you’ll be expected to take ownership in the broken up individual tasks but if it’s a day to day assignments, everyone works to solve those conflicts together. It really ...
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Does JPMC have a mentorship program? If so, how does it set it you up for success?

JP Morgan definitely has a mentorship program for new analysts and was helpful for me to participate as both a mentee and mentor. What’s more valuable however is building relationships through doing real work with people. It’s great to have coffee and meet people, but working on a difficult proje...
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What are some tips when interviewing for a Client Services internship at JP Morgan & Chase?

First and foremost getting this internship at JP Morgan was complicated , but interesting. I have an average network through working with community organizations. I leveraged the network and sponsors to find this role. Key points Research the firm - there are so many areas CIB , PB, Wealth Manage...
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What was it like being a KYC Analyst at JP Morgan & Chase?

I like numbers and finding patterns so looking through the HARs and explaining patterns was very interesting for me. They had us work a lot with the other interns with lots of teams and it really helped me to learn to work with others better. Since JP Morgan is such a big bank they had very large...
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How should I prepare for an interview for a Bank Teller position at JP Morgan & Chase?

I think it would be good that you mention that your are detailed oriented, organized, work well under pressure, are capable of multitasking, or understand the importance of confidentiality of information - whatever fits you. These are things that all tellers, and anyone working in the banking ind...
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What are some experiences and skills I should highlight in an interview for an investment banking operations role at JP Morgan & Chase?

There are several qualities that JPMC will look for in the CIB Operations interview process. It’s important to note that this role doesn’t necessitate a finance, accounting, or economics degree. Prior to the interview you will most likely undergo some basic Microsoft Excel test—this is taken onli...
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What does it take to be a good analyst at JP Morgan?

You will have great opportunities to seek out a mentor and develop a rapport with them; you and your immediate manager will also be able to set short- and long-term goals for yourself, such as: processing a specific client request without team assistance after “x” number of days, learning a new s...
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What should I mention in an interview with JP Morgan & Chase for a Personal Banker position?

As a banker I had no prior experience in the field, however I had been in sales for many years. The main criteria during the interview that was established was that I was eager to learn and I do have a passion for working with people.
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What was your underlying motivation to become a bank teller at JP Morgan & Chase?

There was an opening for the teller position. I found out about it through a friend that already worked at the bank. It seemed like a great opportunity, and it was. I enjoyed my time working with JP Morgan. It's a great company and you get great benefits.
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What is the career progression outlook for a Domestic Corporate Actions Specialist at JPMorgan Chase Private Bank?

When I was there we worked on a project across operations that created roles called Operations Specialist, Senior Operations Specialist, then Supervisor or Team Leader, Manager, Associate, and so on. My team worked on what it takes to move up from an Operations Specialist to an Senior Operations ...
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