Ivy Research Council

About Ivy Research Council

Ivy Research Council (IRC) was started by three 2015 Princeton graduates to advise the world's most prominent companies on the ways they engage with top young talent, both on university campuses and within their corporations. As to our philosophy, we believe there is power in a deep understanding of how students choose between firms, and of the premier strategies top firms use to interact with students.

To this end, IRC surveys and interviews thousands of undergraduates from hundreds of campuses nationwide to uncover the best practices in attracting, engaging, and retaining entry-level talent. More concretely, we are identifying the most effective and innovative approaches that firms have used to address issues like diversity and inclusion, intern retention and programming, tech talent attraction, and so on.

Using those findings, we work closely with a membership of university recruiting and talent acquisition leaders to bolster their programs. This means publishing research studies to help guide their strategy, coming on-site to present the most relevant findings for them, executing small custom studies to answer their specific questions, and generally acting as an extension of their teams in any way we can. IRC's rapidly growing membership currently consists of over 150 mostly Fortune 500 companies from a variety of industries (tech, professional services, engineering, pharma, retail, cpg). Some examples include JP Morgan, Microsoft, Facebook, etc.


Strategy and Development Intern

September 2019 - December 2019 Washington, DC
“Great team, very supportive. Lots of room for asking career advice from full time employees. Cool office space. Very flexible with hours, and they give you lots of autonomy.”

Strategy & Development Intern

June 2019 - August 2019 Washington, DC
“I enjoyed the collaborative work environment. ”
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