INTEGRITY Security Services (a Green Hills Software Company)

About INTEGRITY Security Services (a Green Hills Software Company)

INTEGRITY Security Services (ISS) is a part of the Green Hills Software (GHS) family with a specific mission to deliver world-class end-to-end security solutions.


Software Engineer

March 2020 Irvine, CA
“Their coding challenge was straightforward and not impossibly hard like some other companies'. The questions are just meant to see if you have some fundamentals of programming. The phone screen and on-site interviews were not overly stressful, and everyone at the on-site interview was very nice.”

Front End Developer

June 2020 Irvine, CA
“I liked that the interview process was not as cutthroat as many of the large tech companies and that the coding test screened for a candidate's basic knowledge, critical thinking, and resourcefulness more than their ability to solve leetcode style problems or know every single existing data structure. The phone interview itself involved reviewing the coding test results and discussing the solution's correctness and edge cases that may have been missed, followed by an on-site interview if the phone interview went well. ”
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