About inriver

inriver is the provider of the inriver Product Information Management (PIM) platform,
leveraging our customer’s digital and printed product marketing by simplifying the process of
Product Information Management and gathering all the information for all sales channels in
one place.
Today, more than 750 brands around the world rely on inriver’s platform as their engine
for driving the PIM process. Our great success lies in the simplicity of our solution, the
scalability of the software, the speed of implementation, and the fact that our platform is both
user-driven and user-friendly.
inRiver was founded in 2007, and is today a well-recognized, rewarded, and rapidly growing
company. We are headquartered in Malmö, Sweden, with offices in Chicago, Amsterdam,
London and Stockholm. Our management is a group of dedicated and passionate
professionals, located in Sweden and USA.


Marketing Intern

May 2018 Chicago, IL
“inRiver is a small company, which is great because as a marketing intern I got to see a lot of things. I did some boring Excel work, but a lot of the stuff I got to do was fun and actually made a difference within the company. I learned how to use the basics of Adobe Creative software platforms, and I got to see my graphics and blogs go live on the website and be sent out in emails to partners, customers, and suspects. I also loved the experience of going to an expo and seeing the preparation involved in that and how it actually plays out. All in all, I learned so much at inRiver and had a lot of fun too.”
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