Indiana Humanities

About Indiana Humanities

Indiana Humanities is a statewide nonprofit dedicated to promoting the public humanities. We’re a grant-maker, a neutral convener, a facilitator, a program partner, and much more.
In short, Indiana Humanities encourages Hoosiers to think, read and talk. How? By creating its own programs, such as Quantum Leap, Next Indiana Campfires, INconversation, Novel Conversations, Chew on This and more; by providing grants for humanities programs throughout the state; and by providing a space—physically and digitally—for people to connect and converse.
Indiana Humanities traces its roots to 1972, when the National Endowment for the Humanities (NEH) asked a group of five energetic Indiana citizens to form a statewide grant-making agency. The group was comprised of Dr. Marvin E. Hartig, Mrs. Edmund F. (Virginia) Ball, Dr. Robert E. Burns, Mr. Edward N. Howard, and Dr. Robert W. Richey. Their goal was to focus federal dollars on more local, grassroots initiatives.
We’ve come a long way since then. Today, we’re still a grant-making agency, but we are also a convener, leader and partner. We promote the public humanities and engage Indiana’s community of minds to create stronger, more vibrant communities. Using literature, history, philosophy and our shared cultural heritage, we strive to help Hoosiers better understand themselves and the world around them.


Communication Intern

May 2018 Indianapolis, IN
“I cannot speak highly enough about my experience at Indiana Humanities. The are a shining example of the best Indianapolis has to offer---an organization full of highly talented people who know everything about Indiana, know everyone in Indianapolis, and most importantly, work every day to make their community better. With them I get to expand my network, add to my portfolio, and do my part to create a smarter, sharper Indiana. I was able to score this awesome position through connections forged at my last. When I was a sophomore, a Pro Edge mentor encouraged me to apply for an internship at Big Car, another local nonprofit. I applied through Handshake, got hired, and there forged the network that led to my current position.”
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