Iconic Group

About Iconic Group

You can think of us as a 100-year old startup company employing more than 1,400 people in more than twelve facilities across North America, and are recognized as one of the oldest and largest distributors of commemorative jewelry, photography and recognition products. Under the American Achievement Corporation (AAC) umbrella is the heartbeat brands of Balfour and Iconic Group. In both groups, we turn moments into something more.  Our mission is to help people celebrate and share the defining moments of their lives. We’re focused on delivering exceptional quality that lasts a lifetime and captures the special memories of student life. We’re also focused on expanding the assortment of products and programs that students, alumni, educators and schools have to choose from. We are here to connect students to the most meaningful moments of their lives.


Student Ambassador

August 2017 Tallahassee, FL
“Being able to create different ideas for a big company. My goal is to increase ring awareness across campus.”
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