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Any insight to what the compensation at Goldman Sachs looks like?

This value can change drastically as I experienced. Regardless, the change is most likely good. The actual compensation depends on where you work. For example people working in NY/NJ will be paid "more" than those working in Dallas. Generally to offset taxes and cost of living. Besides your base ...
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What exactly does an "Investment Banking Syndicate Analyst" do at Goldman Sachs?

As a IB Syndicate Analyst I worked as a liaison between several IB teams, our Securities Division, Legal, and outside institutional investors and banks. The small team (14 people) in the syndicate were responsible for monitoring all IB activity that required any debt or equity financing, from the...
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There are so many stories about students not accepting their full-time offers at big investment firms. Can someone share their story if this relates to you? Thank you!

I chose not to take my full time offer for several reasons. For starters, I found the environment a bit vapid. My sense was that nobody is genuinely (or, in a way that suggests any kind of academic interest) interested in what they do - they are interested in what they do inasmuch as it generat...
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Any insight to what the job progression timeline looks like at Goldman Sachs?

From what the teams have said, GS loves to hire full-time from the intern pool because the internship does a great job of preparing/training. Progression will most likely depend on your team but I have heard of progression to associate within a year or two or even VP.
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I'm applying for a role at Goldman Sachs, but it's not specific to finance. Has anyone been in the same situation and wouldn't mind sharing tips?

One of the key qualities Goldman Sachs, and especially the Legal Analyst position in Merchant Banking, looks for is an ability and willingness to learn and work with others. When I applied for the position, I indicated in my interview that I possessed limited knowledge of finance and corporate la...
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What skills will I need to be a successful legal assistant at Goldman Sachs?

In terms of technical skills, knowing how to write in a legal manner, for example, drafting contracts or other legal documents, is a beneficial skill to have before entering the internship, but not necessary since during training, the Legal department will teach you all you need to know. Being a ...
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What is the structure of the training program for a Legal Analyst at Goldman Sachs?

I have yet to go through the training program for the full-time analyst role (I begin training on July 9th), but I can provide you with information on the training for the summer Legal Analyst role and then provide further information about full-time training at a later date if you would like. Fo...
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What are some attributes I should highlight in general at my interview with Goldman Sachs?

- Teamwork: There is rarely going to be a time at Goldman where you're not working on a team. The ability to work on a team with people from different backgrounds, perspectives, and communication styles will characterize your success at the company. - Leadership: Leadership is not just the abil...
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