Gateaux Specialty Cakes and Pastries

About Gateaux Specialty Cakes and Pastries

Owner Kathleen Kenny Davia has been treating her customers to delicious specialty cakes and pastries for the past decade. She applies her personal culinary skills daily as a pastry chef while taking great pleasure in mentoring her very capable and talented staff members she regards as family. She also takes great pride in accommodating the special occasion needs of her customers by working with them to create that something special that they and their guests always remember.


Customer Service Employee

May 2018 - August 2018 Closter, NJ
“My boss was very kind to me. If I made a few mistakes here and there, she would teach me again and made sure I knew how to do it right the second time. My coworkers were all older than me, but they respected me as they would have been liked to be respected. ”
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