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About First Book

First Book provides access to new books for children in need.

First Book ( believes that education offers children the best possible path out of poverty. Since 1992, First Book has distributed more than 185 million books and educational materials to children from low-income families. Reaching 5 million children from birth to age 18 annually, First Book has also built the country’s largest and fastest growing network of educators serving kids in need: today First Book reaches 500,000 educators nationwide with an additional 1,000 joining every week.

A global leader in social enterprise, First Book harnesses the power of the private sector to advance social change. First Book has built a family of social enterprises to support children in need including the First Book Marketplace, The First Book Accelerator, First Book Insights, and a range of other efforts. First Book has also been highlighted for its innovation and impact by the Schwab Foundation for Social Entrepreneurship, the World Economic Forum and in case studies at Columbia Business School, Wharton Business School, the Yale School of Management, and the London School of Economics. Finally, Charity Navigator recently awarded First Book its highest rating, including a perfect 100% score for Accountability & Transparency.

We are proud of our past success and even more excited about the future. First Book is uniquely positioned to become a leader in providing digital resources so that children in need don’t miss out.

No matter how formats and technologies change, children from low-income families will still need access to rich and varied content. First Book is helping guide the publishing industry as it evolves so that all children can benefit from new technologies and flourish as readers.


National engagement intern

June 2020 - August 2020 Washington, DC
“I loved the people I worked with and the highest strategic work I performed! ”
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