About Finexio

Finexio’s mission is to reduce cost and simplify commercial payments by eliminating manual processes and associated costs of paper checks from accounts payable.
Finexio is the smart B2B payments network, utilizing a series of payment gateways that are integrated directly with merchant processors, payment intermediaries, software platforms, and financial institutions to directly pass payment data and information to ease commercial payment settlement.
Commercial payment(s) execution as a service delivered by Finexio ensures that payment mode, cost, and timing align with supplier expectations. Payments previously delivered via fax or paper mail are transacted across Finexio’s cloud based network at the touch of a button, saving buyers and suppliers time and money.


Data Analytics Intern

November 2019 Orlando, FL
“I enjoy the culture the company has. If you have questions, they are excited to answer them and happy to help you with anything you're struggling with. ”
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