Faith Technologies, Inc.

About Faith Technologies, Inc.

Faith Technologies is the electrical and specialty contractor that goes further. We strive to out-perform anyone else in the market by continually investing in our employees’ skill sets and providing all-inclusive services that make project work easier and more rewarding.
Mission | What We Do:

Making our customers and ourselves better through passion, practical solutions, and the relentless pursuit of perfection.

Values | Who We Are:
•Safety: We view safety not simply as a top priority, but rather the standard that guides everything we do. We strive for safety perfection, are committed to attaining zero injuries, and manage our day-to-day operations to support this. Safety best practices are ingrained in our everyday tasks ensuring the well-being of our employees and fostering a culture of safety excellence.
•Character: We seek to be individuals of character, build trust through our words and by our behavior, and develop a corporate culture of integrity. We hope that by building individuals of character, not only our company and customers benefit, but the entire community is enriched.
•Excellence: We will relentlessly seek greatness in our solutions, our business processes, and our people. We intend to build the most profitable, agile, essential company in the electrical technology industry. We know the level of devotion and dedication this will take, and we are committed to making that investment.
•Merit: We believe that to make something great you have to give it your all, and if you give your all, you should be rewarded, encouraged, and supported. We have extremely high expectations of our company, ourselves, our services, and our customers. We seek to return the highest possible rewards to those who perform.
•Focus: We will not be jack-of-all-trades; we will be the best in our business. This requires disciplined focus. Our team members will succeed through aligning their activities to the strategic aims of our customers and our organization. We will move the needle aggressively by eliminating distractions and directing our actions to the most essential outcomes.
•Teamwork: We are committed to the knowledge that when we work together as a team, the quality of our product, services, or activities are improved dramatically. We will respect each member of the team for their skills, perspective, and abilities. Through world-class collaboration, shared knowledge, and superior expertise we will build value for our customers and our company.

Vision 2020 | Who We Will Be:

Faith Technologies is an employee-owned national leader, and preferred partner of organizations seeking comprehensive practical solutions to complex technology processes, systems management, new construction development, and mission critical electrical integration. Merit based at its core, Faith Technologies provides a best-in-class environment for growing and maintaining superior talent at all levels of the organization.

Faith Technologies has established a path for ongoing transition, and our team of educated, inspired leader-owners are dedicated to the organization’s principles and prepared to move the organization into the future.


General assembler

June 2016 Neenah, WI
“Learned many life changing skills, that will help me in the future. Working with more experienced people gave me a better insight on the world. I love my job cant faith till the winter when I go back as full time. ”

Assembler (Manufacturing)

June 2015 Neenah, WI
“I learned many different skills that will help me when for when I finish college and get into my dream job. ”
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