FA Engineering

Mechanical Engineering Intern

June - August 2017 • Pocatello, ID

What I liked

I really enjoyed getting my first real world experience in the field. It was eye opening to see the way things are done out in the field vs how they are done in school

What I wish was different

I had only taken 1 or 2 engineering classes by then, so I wasn't given too much engineering to do, but I was still involved with minor engineering tasks. I would have been given more, but I didnt have the experience yet to do it.


Do it. Internships are invaluable. They give you experience as well as industry contacts when you start the job search. I was able to come back for full time employment after graduation, so it really helped me. Every other job offer I was notified about said they looked into me due to the experience I had with my internship. I would not have gotten a job as easily as I did had I not had that internship.
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