About EventLink

We have a proven formula for designing and executing successful events. We always begin with the desired end result in mind and systematically work backward identifying all the necessary steps needed to create a meaningful experience that provides the desired outcome for the client. However, the formula alone is not the secret. The secret lies in EventLink's unique ability to skillfully apply the formula to deliver positive and lasting results.

We work collaboratively with media agencies and other suppliers. We blend seamlessly into our clients' organizations. We are able to serve in a variety of roles; sales consultants, designers, dealers, customers, owners, or media representatives. We work to promote brands and accomplish a vast variety of companies’ goals. To that effect, every EventLink employee becomes an ambassador of the company he or she represents - something we like to call "The Chameleon Effect." In other words, when EventLink employees work on a client's project, they, in essence, become the client's employees.

We know the ins and outs of planning and implementation. We recognize the need for an organized process. We are passionate about service, value, and quality. For the past 15 years, EventLink has created, implemented, and managed successful programs with hundreds of facilities nationwide; including race tracks, venues, hotels, meeting locations, and training centers. Along the way, we have cultivated a unique array of support services that enable us to design, build, and deliver the best experiential programs in the industry. Whether the goal is to inform, enthuse, motivate, or activate, we are ready to meet the challenge and surpass the customer’s expectations at every stage.


Event Specialist

May 2019 Miami, FL
“I like that it expanded my network opportunities. ”
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