ENTACT provides Environmental and Geotechnical Construction Services. We are built to address the needs of clients at their facilities and properties nationwide. We directly self-perform environmental remediation and geotechnical construction work, using in-house personnel and equipment resources. ENTACT’s roster is comprised of project managers, equipment operators, field technicians, certified safety and quality control managers, and technical professionals with diverse capabilities and experience. Established in 1991, ENTACT has been repeatedly named to ENR’s “Top 200 Environmental Firms”, has been the recipient of numerous National Safety Council awards since 2005, and has successfully and safely completed over 2,000 projects. ENTACT has 9 regional offices located in Chicago, Dallas, Denver, Pittsburgh, Latrobe, Boston, Houston, San Luis Obispo, Tampa and Charleston.


Accounting Intern

May 2019 Westmont, IL
“Learned lots of new things, got hands on job experience, fun and knowledgeable co-workers, a comfortable/flexible schedule to help fit in work with classes, an amazing office, and a kitchen”
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