Empire Bonding & Insurance Co.

About Empire Bonding & Insurance Co.

Empire Bonding & Insurance Company is a family owned & operated surety. As a family we have been in the bail bond business, as owners of Empire Bail Bonds®, in NYS for 2 decades. Empire Bail Bonds® is the largest bail bond agency in NY. As a family we have always written bonds with integrity & professionalism. A few years ago we decided that we could better serve ourselves & our agent community in NYS by establishing our own surety. We are a very goal oriented family. Becoming our own surety required a lot of hard work & dedication, but that doesn’t scare us away, quite to the contrary we understand hard work.


Social Media Content Manager

November 2017 Hempstead, NY
“I liked the creative freedom to be able to run several campaigns simultaneously while getting to work closely with the CEO of the company. She really allows me to have free reign unless there is something specific she would like me to post about. I also had the opportunity to collaborate with the companies web team and redesigned the website and am writing blogs for it.”
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