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About Emergent Method

Emergent Method is a Louisiana-based management consulting firm focused on helping companies and organizations innovate, grow, improve their performance, and achieve their missions. We do this by bringing people and ideas together to understand opportunities, let ideas emerge, and create multi-faceted solutions with results greater than the sum of their parts. We come from backgrounds of solving complex problems and implementing change, working with clients to help navigate shifting landscapes and seize opportunities – including those they had not seen before. From strategic planning, product planning, and organizational design to project management and strategic communications, we are dedicated to helping our clients adapt, innovate, and grow – pushing systems, organizations, and industries to new heights, while developing strategic, systemic solutions, and processes to support those goals. We opened our doors in 2012, and in 2017, we were honored as Company of the Year by the Greater Baton Rouge Business Report and Junior Achievement, a recognizable benchmark of growth – and we seek the same measures of continuous improvement for the clients we serve. To find out more about our work, team, and the clients we serve, please visit


Communications Intern

July 2019 Baton Rouge, LA
“I like that the interns do ACTUAL work. Do we have to run and get coffee sometimes? Yes. But most of the work we do is meaningful and important to the firm. ”
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