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About Elms College

Elms College is a dynamic, Catholic, coeducational liberal arts institution whose mission is to educate students of all backgrounds that have distinguished themselves inside and outside the classroom. Elms has 30 Graduate programs with flexible hybrid, online and on-campus options.

We are devoted to providing our students rigorous academic challenges based on developing a strong sense of what they can contribute to the world, to their neighborhood, and to one another. To embody these goals, we strive to create a supportive community that not only enables our students to thrive, but one that they’ll take with them after they graduate.

Prepared for careers, and life, our grads leave Elms College richer than they started — rooted in faith, educated in mind, compassionate in heart, responsive to civic and social obligations, and capable of adjusting to change without compromising principle.

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June 2021 - August 2021 Chicopee, MA
“ I got to do my work online, so didn’t have to worry about commuting. I had opportunities to learn new skills and take on responsibilities. ”
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