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EightSixtySouth is innovation + communication. We build awareness, change perceptions, and motivate action by creating experiences and narratives that are both inspiring and compelling. Our unique approach to projects through rigorous analysis and research helps us carefully define strategy before addressing the execution. Whether through brand materials, promotional advertising, marketing, public relations or even entire interactive systems, our work with brand outreach will be emotionally tied to the research which promises unique and effective connection to target audiences


Fashion PR Intern

May 2017 - July 2017 Los Angeles, CA
“Interning at EightSixtySouth was hands-down one of the most professional, informative, and fun experiences I could have ever asked for. I only recently committed to the fashion industry, and EightSixtySouth (under the fearless leadership of CEO Kelly Howard) welcomed me with open arms. As a college student, I know that summer internships can be brutal, so I was prepared for coffee runs and grunt work. However, Kelly gave me significant projects on day 1 that lasted over the duration of my internship, which meant I had the autonomy to make a real impact at the PR firm. No coffee runs here. Overall, the internship was extremely well-organized, with a detailed handbook explaining all of my responsibilities and daily tasks. As a type A thinker, I’m always looking for organized ways of working, so it was refreshing to be able to reference back to that document when the workflow slowed down. And it kept me busy! I loved coming in to work each day knowing that I’d never be bored, and that my work was really helping the company. Through this internship, I was able to learn the ins and outs of both small business operations as well as a PR firm’s regular responsibilities. I was able to work with a wide array of clients, ranging from swimsuit and footwear brands to skincare and jewelry lines. Kelly was always willing to answer questions, no matter how elementary they seemed, and took a true interest in the success of her interns. The work itself was especially meaningful as well. Participating in a long-term intern project allowed me and my fellow interns to simulate the act of writing a new business proposal. Assembling contact sheets showed me the sheer amount of networking required to keep a PR firm afloat. Blogger monitoring and celebrity gifting allowed me to acquire market knowledge, and working in the Cooper Design Space allowed me to meet some truly incredible industry leaders. In addition, Kelly always hires the coolest people, so the office environment was a blast. We had a lot of sushi, champagne, and laughs. These coworkers shall be life-long friends, which makes interning that much more rewarding. Can’t thank Kelly and the EightSixtySouth team enough for bringing me on this summer!”
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