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How would you describe a regular day as an administrative assistant at Edward Jones Investments?

As a Branch Office Assistant, you will answer phone calls, greet customers when they come into the office, communicate with the Edward Jones Home Office, update client information, and schedule appointments for the office's financial advisor. Most Edward Jones offices have one financial advisor a...
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Would you say there is a healthy work-life balance working as an administrative assistant at Edward Jones Investment?

I would say Edward Jones is one of the best companies for work-life balance. Edward Jones runs its offices like small businesses, but with support from the home office. The financial advisor will decide the hours the office is open, but most offices keep standard 8 to 5, Monday - Friday hours. Yo...
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What are some good questions to ask a recruiter from Edward Jones Investments?

Edward Jones has a training program that will help it's team member's advance, make sure to ask about that. I would also ask how many Edward Jones Offices are in the region. I would also see if they can give you some information on the financial advisors in your area, like growth stats and client...
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Can someone confirm if there will be an official training program for financial advisor interns at Edward Jones Investments?

The training program at EJ was very informative at the beginning of the summer. The company offered roughly two weeks of onboarding videos and walkthroughs that allowed interns to catch up to speed with how the firm operated across the country. Obviously, there are many rules and regulations that...
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For previous interns at Edward Jones Investments, if you were to reflect on the pros/cons of it, what would you say?

I really liked that this internship was a great lead into financial services to learn both about investing, but also the soft skills of being in this industry. It applied our academic knowledge to the real world. I did not like that the offices were small, so we were the only interns at the branc...
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