About Ducker

Founded by William H. Ducker in 1961 as a premier research and consulting firm, Ducker quickly became a valued partner to its clients through a strong focus on research and analytics in complex, industrial markets. Without the aid of the internet or many of the digital tools available today, Ducker developed proven methodologies to acquire the most meaningful insights for executives backed up by time-tested analytical techniques that still hold true today and are respected by peers and clients alike.

As industries and the global economies evolved, so did Ducker’s footprint. Decades before many of its competitors, the management team opened a network of international offices and developed unique regional competencies to better serve multi-national clients; as well as support growth mandates of local businesses throughout Europe and Asia.

Today, Ducker serves corporate and financial clients with bespoke market research, consulting and M&A transaction support services. The firm focuses on a variety of global industry sectors where business dynamics, supply chains, competitive landscapes and customer demands are complex. Ducker’s professional team of researchers, analysts, engagement managers and principals understands these complexities, and when combined with proven research and analytical methodologies, Ducker teams deliver unparalleled insights to drive business decisions and exceptional business outcomes.


Global Research Intern

July 2019 - September 2019 London, England
“The company culture was amazing. Everyone cared about their job and each other and was very welcoming and never made me feel like anything other than a full time employee”
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