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We extend education to North Dakota residents of all ages and walks of life. You’ll find us at work in your county, at Research Extension Centers and at the main campus of North Dakota State University. As North Dakotans work to improve their lives, we’re there to help. Our efforts have a special emphasis on strengthening agriculture and developing the potential of youth, adults and communities. Our efforts are funded by county, state and federal government.

We have a rich history of extending North Dakota’s land-grant university. Federal legislation established Extension in 1914, but years before that our predecessors were extending education through lectures, institutes, tours, fairs and demonstrations.


STEM Programming Communications and Coordinating Assistant

April 2020 - August 2020 Fargo, ND
“I really enjoyed being able to self determine my work.”

Chemistry Education REU student

May 2019 - August 2019 Fargo, ND
“I loved getting to dive into the world of discipline-based education research. I enjoyed spending time doing research and learning how to present the research to a variety of audiences. I also loved meeting new people from all over the country and exploring new places.”
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What information would be most helpful for someone interviewing to take on an associate professor of livestock extension specialists at North Dakota State University?

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What is it like to take on the role of an associate professor for livestock extension specialists at North Dakota State University?

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