Crosstown Arts

Music Publishing Intern

May - August 2020 • Memphis, TN

What I liked

I really enjoyed the exposure to the many different overarching fields within the music industry such as music publishing, sync licensing, and music business. It was nice to have the opportunity and space to dive deeper into these topics, especially with being an independent artist myself, and needing to know the behind the scenes. It was great to learn of so many other sources of revenue and how to change and adapt through trying times in the industry in relations to the time.

What I wish was different

I wish that I could have done this internship in person and not during the pandemic. With it being remote it was already an adjustment to work from home, but the learning curve with unreliable technology made it another level of difficulty for me to complete the tasks asked of me. I missed the sense of community being the only one from Loyola, therefore only knowing one person, it felt less connected and created uncertainty with communication because having to teach yourself the many concepts I know I could have attained more in person through hands on experience.


Try your best in any opportunity. Communicate your needs clearly and effectively in any situation you may need help. Remember that every opportunity is not promised therefore always try to learn something new.
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