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Cord Construction is a diverse design-build general contractor and construction firm offering superior, professional construction services throughout the Midwest. We’ve worked with a variety of companies to complete projects of varying size, type, budget and complexity. Each of our projects has a highly skilled project manager, who assumes full responsibility for the project from beginning to end. This provides you with direct access to a single key decision maker, who is responsible for monitoring costs and progress while providing continuity throughout the project.


Assistant Project Manager/Superintendent

June 2018 - August 2018 Rockford, IL
“Cord was very welcoming of me starting my internship. Everyone was eager to have me there and wanted to help me in anyway they could throughout my time there. The first month I was there I shadowed a superintendent during the closeout process of a $17 million elementary school that they had just built. During this time I worked on the punch-list, updating and adding to it using Oracle: Pimavera software. Once my work was done there I went to the office to start the estimating portion of the internship. The rest of my internship consisted of estimating three small jobs (less than $100,000) and one plan-spec job. I used Timberline and On-Screen Take0ff softwares for all my estimates. Conducting the estimates consisted of contacting subcontractors to discuss the bid and the scope of work they needed in their bid. My plan-spec job that I estimated was a hard bid. With a hard bid I had to clarify scopes with all subs to make sure each trade was doing what and had it un their scope. To end my internship I was the apparent low bidder for the plan-spec job and was eventually officially awarded it. After that I began working on contract agreements for the subcontractors I used in the bid and purchase orders as well. Unfortunately by the time I had to go back to school, the project was ready to get underway and I was not able to be onsite for any of the building of the project.”
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