Concordia Summit

About Concordia Summit

Concordia is a nonprofit, nonpartisan organization that builds meaningful partnerships for positive social impact. As equal parts convener, campaigner, and idea incubator, Concordia is actively fostering cross-sector collaboration to create a more prosperous and sustainable future.
With the support of our members, partners, and advisors, Concordia facilitates social impact through our events and campaigns.
Concordia believes in the partnership model as a holistic approach to addressing the Sustainable Development Goals as it pairs the knowledge and expertise of nonprofit and public sectors while leveraging resources from the private sector.
Through the lens of partnership, Concordia aims to give a platform to marginalized populations, socially-minded innovators, and entrepreneurs who are creating meaningful solutions to pressing global issues.


Strategic Engagement Intern

June 2018 - August 2018 New York City, NY
“Fast paced, startup feel. Real and tangible impact from the work I was doing. Interns are given real responsibilities. Travel was an option. There's an opportunity to continue interacting with the organization for time to come.”
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