About City78

City78 develops data-driven, human-centric solutions for city governments, organizations and community leaders. Our trailblazing EDGE (Experience-Driven Geospatial Engagement) methodology blends forward-thinking urban planning practices with community-generated data and artificial intelligence (AI) to develop nuanced understandings of neighborhoods and cities as well as actionable insights pivotal to place identity, urban competitive advantage, economic productivity and quality of life for all.

Our methods are based in the belief that as cities become smarter, the data generated by urban dwellers become more important in determining how we build, plan and manage cities. City78 ensures that city data is synthesized and organized to represent the complexity of cities as well as promote community-centric approaches to solving problems stemming from urban spatial segregation and restrictive urban models, which have divided communities, created socioeconomic barriers, and limited access to and the potential of the urban environment. By directly including the community as co-creators of the city, we are able to build ethical, sustainable cities around solutions derived from understanding communities, their histories, needs, perceptions and interactions.


Research Analytic Intern

January 2019 - May 2019 Washington, DC
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