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The City of Buda (City) is a home-rule city under Texas State law. The City was founded in 1880 and is operated under a council-manager form of government.

On Friday, April 1, 1881 the town of Du Pre (Buda) was established and plots of land were sold that Saturday. The International and Great Northern Railroad eventually created a rail stop in Buda which led to the town getting a post office, a spike in population growth and attracted businesses to the area. The first community center in this part of the county was Mountain City. It developed before the Civil War, but it was rapidly depopulated as its residents and businesses flocked to the new rail depot in Buda.

After six years of being known as Du Pre, the United State Postal Service discovered that another town had been established as Du Pre, Texas before the year 1881 and required that the town receive a name change. In 1887, at the request of the post office department, the name of the town was changed to Buda. The common explanation for the new name is that it derives from Spanish word viuda, which translates to widow. The provisions of supplies and services to surrounding dairy farms and ranches was the basis of the local economy. At different times the community supported mills, hotels, banks, a lumberyard, two newspapers, a cheese factory, a movie theatre and a skating rink. In 1928 local businesses organized a Chamber of Commerce. Buda remained an active commercial center and railroad depot until the Great Depression.

Today, we have a thriving city with major retail and services for our residents and visitors. The population is currently over 17,000 and climbing, as Buda is the fastest growing city is the Capital Area Metropolitan Planning Organization region.

Breathe Easy Here- An inviting, friendly city with small-town charm and plan for the future! We are an oasis of relaxation at the edge of civilization, unspoiled by the pace of Austin and San Antonio’s big city ways.


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