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About Circadian Risk Inc.

Everyone is very aware of the cyber risks that companies face on a daily basis and the amount of money a company will spend to protect their assets and data. However, physical risks, such as theft, fire, or even a slip and fall lawsuit are more probable and often more severe to a company’s finances and brand. But, these organizations are not doing as much as they can to mitigate these physical risks.

Circadian Risk creates software for security/safety consultants and professionals to help them analyze risk on a daily basis at a organization's physical buildings. The platform helps companies understand what their risk is of a these physical risks and many other types of risks. Since risk is dynamic and changes every day, Circadian Risk creates the tools necessary to collect and analyze data using machine learning and data mining for security/safety consultants to utilize for their clients. Circadian Risk will be more the like the TransUnion of the physical risk industry by creating a Circadian Risk Index for each organization’s building so insurance companies can base insurance premiums and discounts accurately based on True Risk. Or police and government can utilize our platform to understand various risk levels for critical infrastructure and other areas with the goal to predict and prevent catastrophic incidents before they happen.

Our first Software as a Service (SaaS) product is a vulnerability and compliance assessment where a consultant can take a the floor plan of a physical building on an iPad and document each vulnerability or deficiency on that map.


Software Engineering Intern

May 2019 Ann Arbor, MI
“Loved my mentor and how flexible the environment was! - Hands-on experience with the full stack - Unmatched support from the CTO - Never-ending support from the whole team - Incredible, continuous collaboration with the UX Designer - Generous pay, perks and benefits”
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