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16 years ago, best friends Tony Shure and Colin McCabe were students at the University of Wisconsin. Like many of their peers, their diet consisted of Midwestern college staples - brats, subs, and pizza. And while that was fun for a while, Tony and Colin knew that it simply wasn’t a sustainable way to live. They knew that there had to be a way to enjoy really flavorful food that was actually healthy for you. And they took it upon themselves to create that option for the world. Back in 2001, salads were something that went on the side of the plate. Garden salads, Caesar salads, all flanking some meat and starch. In the humble salad, Tony and Colin saw an opportunity. Why couldn’t a salad be the main event? Inspired by this question, they imagined Chopt -- a restaurant in which salads, of all different kinds, would be so good, so flavorful, so amazingly delicious that they became meals in of themselves. They dreamed of a restaurant where eating would be like flipping through the pages of a travel magazine, and they created a technique, chopping, to ensure that there would be big flavor in every bite.

Fast forward 16 years and Tony, Colin, and the entire Chopt family are continuing that same mission. As a brand, Chopt aims to be the first to get people to truly crave salad​, like really crave. To achieve this, we go to crazy lengths for flavor​, combining seasonal ingredients from local purveyors with authentic flavors sourced from around the world. We believe in a new kind of fast food -- one in which healthy, flavorful food is just as convenient, accessible and affordable as what the burger guys are slinging down the street. And it’s that passion and conviction that has enabled us to open up 49 restaurants with many more along the way.



June 2018 - August 2018 Charlottesville, VA
“Experience in food industry. ”
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