Catalytic Combustion Corporation

About Catalytic Combustion Corporation

Founded in 1950, Catalytic Combustion Corporation introduced industry-leading technology with the development of the first ever United States patented catalyst (U.S. Pat #2,658,742) to destroy volatile organic compounds (VOCs). From there we expanded into the design of catalysts for a wide range of applications for chemical processes, soil remediation, residential self-cleaning ovens, commercial cooking equipment, nuclear power plants, infrared heaters and industrial engines. We have been producing catalysts behind the scenes for others to brand under their own labels for more than a decade.

Unlike most in this business, we manufacture our own substrates and catalysts, instead of just one or the other. With total control of our processes we formulate our catalysts for service longevity, not just a short-term fix. Catalytic Combustion’s precious metals selections and loads are scientifically determined by proven research and according to optimum performance and value. Also part of our full-service catalyst expertise is the fact we engineer and build the components and equipment to employ the catalysts, too. That puts 100 percent of product performance where it should be ... on our shoulders.

CCC has a diversified base with five major divisions: Catalyst, Engine Catalyst, Air Correction, Exhaust and Metal Fabrication. The entire company is supported by a multi-disciplined engineering staff and a 24/7 oxidizer and air pollution control service department.


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