Carmen Group, Inc.

About Carmen Group, Inc.

The Carmen Group is the leading government affairs consulting firm, with the best overall business approach serving a long-standing, bi-partisan client base. Our deep knowledge of overlapping sectors and our ability to bring complex constituencies into a coherent, productive process fills many needs in the global economy. Carmen Group’s corporate culture embraces shared values and ideals. We believe in challenging the status quo, continually elevating our performance, intensifying support behind worthy missions, stretching our limits and achieving proven results. Our ability to produce substantive, strategically articulated, measurable and accountable results is unique among Washington, D.C. consulting firms.



January 2019 - April 2019 Washington, DC
“The People there are amazing, they are very kind and helpful. They are also very flexible with your schedule and care about you as an intern. I learned more in those 4 months than I did in most of my classes.”
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