Carmel Hill Capital Partners, LLC

About Carmel Hill Capital Partners, LLC

Carmel Hill Capital Partners, LLC (CHCP) based in Ann Arbor, MI is an operator-led private investment fund with the sole purpose to acquire one company (better known as a search fund). The fund is formed to identify, acquire and operate an existing private company with an aggregate enterprise value between $5MM and $30MM. The Managing Director seeks to invest in and actively manage one privately held company in the United States, and to grow that enterprise to its full potential.


Analyst Intern

March 2018 - August 2018 Ann Arbor, MI
“It was a great experience. I got to do a lot of quality work that actually made an impact at the firm. The Managing Director is awesome, and she'll make sure you learn from the process, and guide you to become better and help you gain the skills you need to be successful in the future. ”
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