About CALSTART, Inc.

CALSTART ‘s mission is to make the air healthy to breathe, prevent climate change, strengthen the nation, and create jobs by growing the clean transportation technology industry. With more than 25 years of experience, CALSTART is recognized nationally and internationally as an effective industry catalyst organization. CALSTART’s member companies are diverse and include Tesla Motors, UPS, Ford, the Union of Concerned Scientists, Kenworth, General Motors, and Southern California Edison. CALSTART focuses its work in four major initiatives: cars, buses, trucks (and non-road vehicles), and fuels. CALSTART advances each of these sectors by supporting technology development, assessing and validating new technologies and products, accelerating market growth by supporting clean vehicle incentive programs, providing policy guidance and implementation, and giving valued-added services to its member organizations. CALSTART is a national organization with five offices in three states. We believe now is our time and we are planning for growth. If you want a career where you are making a real impact and benefiting both society and the environment, you should consider coming to work for CALSTART.

From its New York office, CALSTART is currently managing programs to provide clean truck and bus purchases and to grow the market for electric vehicles by getting more employers to offer charging at the workplace. The organization sees significant opportunities to work with its member companies and partners in the Northeast to expand the use of cleaner and lower carbon cars, trucks, buses, and fuels.


Project Management Intern

June 2018 - September 2018 Pasadena, CA
“I liked the friendly atmosphere in the work environment. ”
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