Best of the Batch Foundation

About Best of the Batch Foundation

Best of the Batch Foundation was established by former Steeler Charlie Batch in 1999 with the goal of giving back to his hometown of Homestead, PA. The Best of the Batch Foundation provides year-round educational programming to more than 3,800 children in seven counties in southwestern Pennsylvania. The youth and their families receive purpose, desire and resources to allow them to give their best efforts in all they do throughout their lives. By developing after-school programs, scholarships for students, restoring playgrounds and offering sports and leisure activities, the Foundation shows a commitment to the success of all of our youth and their families. Our passion is to help unlock potential by providing resources for children and families, educating and empowering them to give their best efforts in all they do to be the "best of the batch" in life.

Education is core to everything at Best of the Batch Foundation. Best of the Batch Foundation serves children K-12 grade through a variety of education-based programs. With 12 active programs for various age groups, the Foundation is very responsive to the requests and needs of the students and the local school district. The Foundation believes in unlocking potential in communities to build the best future for kids and families by providing choices, motivation and education.


Programming Intern

June 2019 - August 2019 Munhall, PA
“I loved the work environment & all of my coworkers. I also enjoyed that everyday was a new day & the children were amazing to work with and learn from each and everyday. ”
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