BCN Productions

Technical Director

July 2018 • Easton, MA

What I liked

This past summer I worked as a technical director for the in game production of Newport International Polo matches. As the technical director I controlled what was shown on the video display board. Content ranged from game day graphics, upcoming events, highlights, instant-video replay, and live video. I had three options of live video with two hard wired cameras and one wireless camera. Along with technical directing on game days, I also produced graphics that were used for the video display and worked the replay deck. I am happy I was offered this position and liked the experience and knowledge I gained in this realm of production and directing.

What I wish was different

One thing I wish was different was capitalizing on all of the other pieces of content I could have included during the matches.


One piece of advice I would offer to others who are interested in a position like this, is to not get frustrated and realize mistakes are going to happen. When you make a mistake or get frustrated do not dwell on those instances, instead build upon them because that is how you learn and get better,
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