The World’s Leading Engineering, Design and Information Management Software Providers to the Process, Plant and Marine Industries
AVEVA’s world-leading technology was originally developed and spun out of Cambridge University in 1967.
We provide mission-critical solutions to some of the world’s biggest engineering contractors (EPCs) and Owner Operators.
AVEVA has successfully established a truly global infrastructure – an international business with over 1,700 employees – and
is exposed to the world’s fastest-growing economies.

We are proudly an organisation that has achieved so much and kept ahead of the innovation curve for five solid decades, whilst understanding the markets we serve and their needs.

Later in the year in October, we will be bringing our flagship customer event, the AVEVA World Summit home to Cambridge to celebrate just how far we’ve come in a place where it all began. There are also some other celebration activities for our employees that are in the planning phase, so it’s destined to be an exciting year ahead all round!

We have a strong global franchise, not only in terms of our people and offices but we have a strong brand, key relationships and the skills on a global scale to be able to serve our customers. That is very important given the global nature of our customers and markets.

What continues to help us to stay relevant today; and something that will continue to help us in the years to come is that we live by our philosophy; “we put the customer at the heart of everything we do” therefore our business model has also stood the test of time.

Our relationship with our customers is so critical to our success, not only from a revenue perspective, but also in terms of our Research & Development, how we keep innovating and how we keep our technology at the forefront of the market.

AVEVA operates internationally with 50 offices in 30 countries.


Software Engineer

June 2019 - September 2019 Lake Forest, CA
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