AME Community Services, Inc.

About AME Community Services, Inc.

AME Community Services, Inc. is a family-owned, person-centered organization that provides residential services to adults with developmental disabilities in the Twin Cities. The folks we serve have all been diagnosed with Prader-Willi Syndrome (PWS), a non-hereditary genetic disorder that affects homeostasis and impulse control.

Our ultimate goal as Direct Support Professionals (DSPs) is to help our residents achieve wellness and fulfillment. We aid in daily life skills, medical or physical needs, transportation, socialization, goal-setting, employment opportunities, and self-management. All of our residents are verbal and can express their wants & needs; we provide them the tools to reach their goals.

We are currently looking for ambitious, positive, social, creative, and compassionate applicants to join our close-knit teams. We want DSPs who build relationships with clients and constantly find ways to help the clients and the company improve. This is a great job for learning crisis intervention, positive behavior management, person-centered planning, communication, and teamwork skills.

Best of all, you will get to work in a comfortable home environment and participate in fun activities with the clients.


Direct Support Professional

April 2017 Buffalo, MN
“This is a small family-owned company that really cares about their employees. Bonuses are awarded quarterly!”
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