Did you get help from your "higher ups" as an intern at Amazon?

It varies from team to team, but I received quite a bit of support including weekly meetings, progress checkpoints with upper level managers and the entire team, and final project presentations.
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What are a few quick pointers on what it takes to be successful working in Amazon's Web Services division?

You should come to work on time, finish the projects that are assigned to you and have good relationships with your team. Achieving all of these things will likely result in a return offer at the end of the internship.
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How did you think working at one of Amazon's Fulfillment centers contributed to their end goals?

You will be responsible for sorting the packages that come through the facility and make sure everything is prepared for shipment. If the facility is unable to process the required daily amount packages will be delayed.
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Do you get trained if you get accepted as a brand ambassador for Amazon Prime?

The training program when I first started was just a couple of phone/online conferences going over the handbook, procedures, ect. This year however the new company will be hosting an all expense paid training in Boston in July for the new ambassadors.
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What does being an Amazon Prime ambassador mean in terms of what you do?

As a brand ambassador I organized and carried out events. All events that we set up last year were cohosted with other clubs and organizations on campus. For example, one event we did was table at the dance marathon but we’ve also done events like team up with APO for their tabling.
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How's the culture like specifically at Amazon, excluding their Fulfillment Centers?

Amazon is a great place for people who are passionate about solving problems along with learning new things. I think the environment is very collaborative and open to amazing ideas. There are a lot of smart and creative people to learn from. There were many people who told me that Amazon has a he...
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Before I apply for a "Package Handler" role at Amazon, can any past or current employee talk about what they do?

A package handler sorts packages that comes from the delivery truck. A typical day include the delivery truck coming to the warehouse and they dump all the packages in a bin. There are workers who place the packages to be taken to the sorting machine. Once there, another person divides the packag...
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What would you say are important qualities to have as a safety specialist at Amazon?

First and foremost, you need to be able to learn quickly and drink from a fire hose. Amazon is an extremely fast paced environment that demands your adaptability. You need to be personable. No one wants to participate in a safety culture driven by someone they do not like. You need to read docum...
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Do you get trained before you start as a safety specialist at Amazon?

The training program is honestly one of my favorite things about Amazon. I traveled all over the Nation for three months learning before I helped open my site. I wouldnt trade that experience for anything. I was blessed with the opportunity of opening a new site. Not everyone launches sites, you ...
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What are the different levels you can advance through as a safety specialist working at Amazon?

You start out as an Safety Specialist. If you can do well as a specialist, and show you have what it takes to become a Manager, you can become a Safety Manager for an Amazon site. You will have Safety Specialists and Onsite Medical Representatives report to you and you all as a team will drive th...
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What would you say are the pros and cons of working at one of Amazon's Fulfillment Centers?

Pay was higher than minimum wage. The physical work isn't that bad, your back might end up a little sore for the first week or so, but after that I was never in pain from anything. Just make sure to lift heavy stuff using your legs, not your back. I disliked that I could not wear headphones and ...
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There's a job posting for a "Display Hardware Development Engineer" intern, can someone with relevant experience talk on what that entails?

It depends. I come from a physical science/engineering background and my manager gave me a quite open-ended R&D project to work on (well, in fact, he asked me to choose). Not that they don't have materials related problems, but you need to discuss with your manager and ideally have a well-defined...
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For an Operations Manager at Amazon, is it more than just managing people?

You work directly with associates and make sure they are meeting productivity goals. You work with one or two departments. I had over 200 associates under me.
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For anyone who's worked as a software engineer intern at Amazon, what did you like the most about it?

Amazon is a big company, and they want their interns to have a good experiences. As an intern in Seattle you get free public transportation, a meal plan, partially subsidized housing, access to intern social events, and exclusive looks at technologies before they are released like Amazon Go. When...
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Can someone let me know if Amazon offers any type of mentorship program? Doesn't have to be job role specific.

You will be assigned a mentor who will help you in your first few weeks if you ever get stuck or need guidance with Amazon's infrastructure. My mentor was a big help!
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