Acorn International

About Acorn International

Acorn International is a leading marketing and branding company in China, leveraging a twenty-year direct marketing history to monetize brand IP, content creation and distribution, and product sales, through digital media in China.



August 2020 - November 2020 New Orleans, LA
“This internship was amazing. I loved the independent nature of my work. I was able to complete projects on my own time and was trusted to complete that work without continuously updating my supervisor, which made me feel valued. Not only that, but I was able to choose what projects I wanted to take part in. My interests were taken into account, and essentially I had a self-guided internship. My supervisor was a key part of what made this internship so great. They were a mentor to me and we were able to connect on more levels than just work. They were so open to any and all questions that I had and provided me all the guidance I needed to have a successful internship.”
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