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About 24/7 Teach

24/7 TEACH IS AN EDUCATION MANAGEMENT AND TECHNOLOGY ORGANIZATION. OUR MISSION is to bring the best educators and instruction to the most students 24/7. OUR OBJECTIVE is to empower Educators, Schools, Parents, and Students with effective educational tools, strategies, and experiences that make quality education accessible to all. OUR VISION is to be an education organization that ensures access to quality human development for all, regardless of race, location, income, and access to technology 24/7. OUR PHILOSOPHY is that a great education starts with the adults and that effective instruction is a product of how all educational resources interact and are orchestrated within a system. By including the innovative tools and strategies that successful corporations use to increase the efficiency, effectiveness, and success of their offerings, we are addressing real factors that inhibit schools and educators from providing quality education for all students.


Business Development Intern

May 2019 - August 2019 New York City, NY
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